Darby DuComb – Seattle Lawyer

Smart Strategic Solutions

Multi-sector lawyer executive.

Darby is always thinking in a more holistic fashion. She thinks about downstream impacts of decisions. She is also a relentless optimist, and incredibly persuasive. The thing I think is incredibly unusual about Darby is that she both understands the big picture, WHILE being great at getting stuff done. She is always thinking about how to move an issue ahead.”

Susan Dibble

Page Ahead, Children's Literacy Program

Legal Practice Areas 

Racial Equity

Assisting clients with education and improved outcomes


Helping people resolve conflicts and control outcomes

Real Estate and Land Use

Creating affordability, sustainability, and economic vitality


1). DARBY LISTENS. Schooled in customer-centered approaches to problem-solving, Darby listens to as many people as she can so that she may understand all the issues.

2). DARBY PLANS. She strategizes with impacted parties to create the best path forward using small steps that move the project forward. She allows the strategies to rise to the surface on their own.

3). DARBY GETS IT DONE. She monitors progress, follows through, and she NEVER QUITS.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area