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I had my first opportunity to work with Darby more than ten years ago as a stakeholder representing the real estate and rental housing communities. . . . Darby was particularly effective because she included stakeholders in pursuit of a clearly defined goal and with a spirit of collaboration. She kept the process moving without sacrificing thoughtful deliberation. The resulting legislation was passed unanimously by the Council.

Randy Bannecker

Bannecker Public Affairs

Mediation Advocate

Darby advocates for clients as they mediate their conflicts. She has been mediating conflicts for over 25 years.


Darby co-mediates at Emerald City Mediation as a mediator to help parties resolve their disputes. Contact Steve Festor at Emerald City Mediation for additional information or to schedule a co-mediation.


Helping people resolve conflicts among themselves and control their own outcomes.

Why Choose Mediation Over Arbitration?

  1. Control over the outcome
  2. More efficient
  3. Closure and resolution

A good settlement is better than a good lawsuit.

Abraham Lincoln

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