Darby DuComb – Seattle Lawyer


 Racial equity consultant for public and private organizations. Advocating for cities to lead the nation’s much needed Truth and Reconciliation process.

‘The way Darby steps up as an ally, taking risks and implementing strategic activities to further justice, has contributed in meaningful ways to moving racial justice goals forward both inside and outside the City. She leads by example by demonstrating and teaching that privilege comes with the responsibility to do the right thing ethically as an attorney and morally as a human being.”

Darlene Flynn

Director of the City of Oakland Department of Race and Equity

Darby DuComb- the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Manager of the Year, 2012


 Creating and delivering racial equity trainings and facilitating dialogue including Continuing Legal Education courses.

The material deeply resonated with attendees from my office.”
Rob Mckenna

Policy Reform

Helping organizations improve upon their racial equity outcomes, including education, criminal justice, community outreach, hiring, workplace, and contracting reform.

Her efforts to eradicate institutional racism have already positively impacted hundreds if not thousands of Washingtonians.”
2012 Race and Social Justice Manager of the Year Nomination

Third Grade Reading Achievement

Focusing exclusively on childhood education, in particular third grade reading scores. She is a champion of Page Ahead’s Book Up Summer program. In collaboration with Tim Burgess, she obtained funding from the City of Seattle for Book Up Summer at all eligible Seattle schools. Now she is helping Page Ahead expand into Oakland, CA.

The children’s excitement over receiving books of their own was contagious. . . . It was clear that this gift was very special to each individual, and we were so honored to experience it with them.”
Page Ahead Donor

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Therefore, no American can afford to be apathetic to the problem of racial justice. It is a problem that meets every man at his front door.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Serving the Greater Seattle Area